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There are 6 fundamental building blocks in creating a healthy, happy and balanced dog.  They are love, nourishment, shelter, socialization, exercise and structure.

The first three are provided readily and easily by most guardians because they require the least amount of time and effort.  The last three, however, are too often ignored and it's easy to understand why. With today's busy and demanding schedules, most people just don't have the time or energy.  This void often results in unwanted and negative behaviors from a bored and lonely dog, and feelings of guilt and frustration from their guardians.

What's the solution?  Come Join the Pack!

Combining both our love for dogs and Brooklyn's own Prospect Park, Prospect Pack was created to specifically fill that void by providing the dogs of Brooklyn the exercise, socialization and structure needed for happiness and balance.  

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Prospect Pack offers one-hour, two-hour and all-day pack walks that are tailored-fit to meet your dog's playtime preferences and exercise requirements.  Whether it be fetch, chase, wrestling, hiking or swimming, we're always going to bring a happy and tired dog back home. Guaranteed.



The Pack

Dogs speak their own language.  We, as humans, can try to mimic this language when interacting with dogs but there is a vibrational frequency that only dogs can hit with each other.  This frequency of the pack teaches essential lessons to each member that are vital to the healthy development of each dog. Lessons in proper social etiquette, as well as the learning of the ground-rules, maintain healthy interaction.  The pack is also a vital tool in maintaining a calm and balanced environment for any new dog that joins us. Since most of our pack members have been with us and each other for years, a balanced and calm pack energy has been long established.  New members of the pack have no choice but to fall into the balanced flow of the pack, and this energy is maintained by each dog even after they return home. The pack is also a never-ending source of fun and play. Each member of the pack has a group of lifelong friends at their disposal on a daily basis!  




None of this works without structure.  The pack leader establishes the rules, boundaries and limitations for the pack on a daily-basis to ensure order and peace.  Any unwanted behaviors like dominance, aggression, lunging, pulling on leash, prey-drive etc will be corrected, and positive, healthy behaviors will be rewarded and encouraged.  The pack acts as an amazing disciplinary tool as well by teaching the dogs within the pack to learn by example. Dogs mimic the energy and behavior of each other so when our dogs are taught to behave, this is passed on to the rest of the pack.  A calm, submissive and balanced pack is always maintained.



Our Services



Prospect Park offers pack romps with a focus on socialization, exercise, and structure. Utilizing Brooklyn's own Prospect Park, our romps are tailored to meet your dog's playtime preferences and exercise requirements. Whether it's fetch, chase, wrestling, hiking or swimming, we're always going to bring home a happy and tired dog.

We serve the Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Windsor Terrace and Kensington Areas. We are a fully bonded and insured company. Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.





One-hour pack romp

1-3x a week $28 per romp
4-5x a week $25 per romp



Two-hour pack romp

1-3x per week $48 per romp
4-5x per week $42 per romp



Full-day romp: for the super high energy pups!

1-3x per week $62 per romp
4-5x per week $52 per romp




We love Johnny. Johnny has been an essential part of helping us ensure that our pup is well cared for and loved when we go off to work everyday.

More than 100% reliable, often flexible and always loving to our 7 year old mixed breed pooch. We would recommend The Prospect Dog without any reservations. We interviewed 6 other services in the Fort Greene-Clinton Hill area and even did a trial with a few outfits. None of them even came close to the amazing service and care we get from Johnny Chan!
— Tootab B.
Johnny is no joke the best dog walker in Brooklyn, if not all of New York. For the last 4 years, he has taken care of our dog, Bear, and we consider him a part of the family. He is reliable, flexible, sweet and incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Bear loves him and the pack, and comes home every day happy and tired. It’s essential for dogs to exercise and socialize in a safe, loving environment and that is exactly what Johnny provides. If you are going to get a dog or have a dog, please do yourself a favor and contact him. You will not get the same care with any other dog walker.
— Jenica M.
Johnny has been such an integral part of our and our dogs’ life for years now, and we consider him a true friend. He not only walks our dogs but has essentially trained them and socializes them in the best pack ever. We have always had a motley crew of rescues that need guidance or discipline (and excercise) of some sort and we call on him often for advice when situations arise. I honestly dont know what we would do without him.
— Jelly B.
Johnny is not just the best dog walker I’ve come across, he’s also given me invaluable advice on how to raise my pup. She’s well adjusted mostly because of his expertise, in other words, hire this person immediately.
— Mike B.
I’ll make this short and sweet. I LOVE Johnny... and Roxy (my pup) loves him even more. Only person I trust with my “tempermental” girl. He has helped with her issues immensely.
— Cris G.


my story

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Born in Hong Kong and raised in New York, Johnny Chan has always had a deep passion for both dogs and the great outdoors. In 2011, he decided to leave a successful but unfulfilling career on Wall Street to follow his dreams and create Prospect Pack. Since that time, Johnny has provided the dogs of Brooklyn's own Prospect Park with the exercise, socialization and structure that they need to be happy and balanced.


Come join the pack!


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